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Why operations management?

Often time, an external assessment and point of view can prove beneficial in planning and implementing improvements to operations. Bayard Management Group has experience in both conducting assessments and assisting organizations in implementing new processes to increase customer satisfaction, improve quality of products and services, and increase efficiencies. 

How do I know when crisis management services are needed?

Whether responding to negative media or a natural disaster, Bayard Management Group can assist individual sand organizations through expected or unexpected crisis.  There are times when individuals and businesses make the wrong decision. How that decision is corrected and communicated is where Bayard Management can assist. 

What are the benefits of workforce training and development?

Employees are the bread of butter of companies. However, businesses often spend too much time on the recruitment process and little time on workforce training and development. According to Fortune Magazine, workplace learning was a common thread in the "100 Best Companies to Work For". The primary benefit of employee development is shaping a more efficient, competitive, and engaged workforce.

I have my own in-house training department.

Why hire Bayard Management Group?

It is expensive to develop, administer, and deliver effective training programs. Even more, it can be difficult for internal staff to deliver development training due to their relationship with their coworkers. Allow Bayard Management to assess your organization’s training needs and design developmental opportunities to specifically fit those needs, with measurable results. Bayard Management schedules and administers trainings to ensure lessons are transferred into everyday job practices and behaviors—in-house or online.

How does training increase my company’s net income?

Without trained employees, a company’s productivity slips and sales decline.  This has a direct impact on a company’s net income performance. Furthermore, loyal and committed employees with poor performance can be trained and become a cost benefit to the company.

Training will lead to:

  • Increased job satisfaction and morale among employees

  • Heightened employee motivation

  • Strengthened efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain

  • Higher capacity to adopt new technologies and methods

  • Greater innovation in strategies and products

  • Reduced employee turnover

  • Enhanced company image

  • Risk management (ethics, sexual harassment, diversity training, etc.)

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